10 Free walking tours you should take in New York City

10 Free walking tours you should take in New York City

Free tours are the best way to intimately get to know a city and soak up the essence and personality of its people. These routes allow you to discover the iconic places of each tourist destination, as well as help you understand the history and culture of the area.

Free walking tours are not free tours, but rather pay-what-you-wish. Although the price is entirely up to you, GuruWalk recommends that in cities like New York, travelers should not pay less than $15 per person.

We spoke with the experts at GuruWalk to present the 10 best free walking tours you should take in New York City.

1. Free walking tours of the Financial District

Dive into the heart of New York with our free tour of Lower Manhattan, where history, culture, and modernity converge. Guru Walk guides will reveal the fascinating stories behind each iconic location. Walk through Wall Street, feel the resilience at the 9/11 Memorial, and explore hidden gems that capture the area's essence. This tour not only showcases famous places but also offers a personalized exploration of authentic Lower Manhattan.

2. Free walking tours of Chinatown

Join our free tour of SoHo, Chinatown, and Little Italy, and discover unique and culturally rich neighborhoods in New York. We start at Dominique Ansel Bakery with a famous Cronut, then explore SoHo, admiring its cast-iron architecture and art galleries. We visit a secret garden and a sculpture park, and in Little Italy, we enjoy Italian cuisine while learning about mafia history. In Chinatown, we explore vibrant streets, monuments, and taste dumplings and tea. We finish at a Buddhist temple with an impressive Buddha statue. Join us and experience New York's diversity!

3. Free walking tours to discover Central Park's secrets

Discover the hidden treasures of Central Park with expert guides. This tour is not just a walk but an emotional immersion into the park's hidden stories. From the historic tales of Bethesda Terrace to the secluded waterfalls of Ramble, each step is a touching discovery. 

Our passionate guides bring Central Park to life with their stories. Discover the rich history, detailed architecture, and hidden wonders that make Central Park a true urban sanctuary.

4. Free walking tours of Williamsburg's Jewish Quarter

Join us to explore Williamsburg, from the vibrant hipster area to the largest Jewish community on the continent. This tour will change your perception of New York, taking you to unique places like churches, breweries, sugar factories, local markets, and notable restaurants. Additionally, you'll enjoy one of the city's most beautiful views and a stroll through the Jewish quarter, all guided by an expert anthropologist.

5. Historical and gastronomic tours of Queens

Welcome to the best tour of Queens, in the heart of the world's most diverse neighborhood: Jackson Heights, with over 180 languages in one place. This is a free walking tour through NYC perfect if you want to walk through streets that transport you to India, Tibet, Colombia, Nepal, Bangladesh, Argentina, and Mexico, all in one New York neighborhood. Taste the best cuisine and visit local markets from around the world. Discover the anthropology of Queens at your feet. 

A gastronomic journey through Asia and Latin America, exploring diverse markets and squares, and hearing local stories, makes this tour an authentic and unique experience. Forget the idea that Manhattan is the center of New York; this tour will change your perspective and connect you with the best gastronomic scene at incredible prices.

6. Themed night tours in Brooklyn: jazz, comedy, and more

Local tour of the Brooklyn Bridge. We start at Collect Pond, an ancient ritual center for the natives. We will explore the history of the natives as we walk around this old lake. Then, we visit the judicial district and City Hall, admiring its impressive architecture, and St. Paul's Chapel. 

Finally, we walk across the iconic Brooklyn Bridge, known for its spectacular views and rich history. We end in Dumbo, where we explore the beach, markets, local shops, and enjoy the best ice cream in New York. Don't miss this incredible tour.

7. Free walking tour to discover the lives of Midtown's millionaires

Welcome to the tour that will immerse you in Manhattan's majesty, exploring its iconic skyscrapers and fascinating secrets! Discover Midtown, from the glamorous Rockefeller Center to the historic Grand Central Station. Dive into the lives of millionaires in Bryant Park and the shine of the Diamond District. 

The Chrysler Building and Fifth Avenue will leave you speechless. Explore iconic movie locations and experience the magic of Top of the Rock, NBC Studios, and Rainbow Room. Book now and discover Manhattan like never before!

8. A free tour of Harlem

Enjoy with one of the expert guides to discover the Harlem neighborhood.  Take a tour through Harlem's history, from the American Revolution to the Harlem Renaissance and beyond. See how the neighborhood transformed from being German, Jewish, and Italian to becoming the most influential black community in the United States. 

We will visit churches, theaters, mansions, and notable residential architecture. We will explore key places for black identity, such as the Harlem Cultural Festival and the Apollo Theater. We will conclude in "Little Senegal," exploring African migration, local markets, and neighborhood businesses. Bring curiosity and comfortable shoes!

9. A free tour of Roosevelt Island

Years ago, Manhattan sent its psychopaths and criminals to Roosevelt Island, also known as Blackwell Island or Welfare Island. Here, there was an asylum, hospitals, and incredible views of New York. Today, it is an ideal escape from the city's madness. The air is cleaner, and the sun is not blocked by skyscrapers.

You can get close to the water, watch boats pass, and enjoy tranquility. With parks, churches, and an excellent restaurant, a day on Roosevelt Island feels like a vacation. It would be crazy not to visit.

10. A free tour for the best views of NYC

Want the best views of New York? Join our Free Tour of Hoboken, New Jersey. From here, you can see "Upper Manhattan," "Midtown Manhattan," and "Lower Manhattan," and we'll help you identify iconic buildings like the "Empire State Building," the "Chrysler," and the "One World." We will walk along the "Hudson River," visiting places like Maxwell Place Park, Elysian Park, Stevens Institute of Technology, and the Frank Sinatra statue. Hoboken is only 15 minutes by bus or ferry from New York. Don't miss it!

Now you know the 10 best free walking tours you should take in New York City. Don't miss the best Free Tours, thanks to GuruWalk

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